Furniture Chair Parts

If you are in need of furniture chair parts, Newport Furniture Parts can help. Since 1963, we have been assisting furniture manufacturers nationwide with their chair parts needs. Whether you are in need of dining chair parts, recliner chair parts or folding chair parts, we can assist you. By simply supplying us with sample chair parts or a hand drawing of the parts you need, we can quickly process a quote. We can custom make your specific chair parts.

Chair Parts Manufacturing

Limit your inventory costs by ordering the exact chair parts you need, when you need them. If you are looking for parts such as chair legs, back spindles, rungs or seat rails, we can fulfill your exact needs; using our CNC wood milling machine we will make the perfect parts in the numbers you want to your exact specifications every time.

Complete chair manufacturing

If you prefer, you can order the complete chair, helping you to further limit your excess inventory; by only ordering all the parts necessary each chair. Talk to us, our years of experience, our knowledgeable staff and our technology will help guide you. See our Finishing and Wooden Chair Manufacturing section for more details.

Furniture Design Software

By using the latest technology, we can help you turn your design idea into a real chair ready for relaxation. Assisted by computer-aided design (CAD) software, we will turn your idea into a reality. For either furniture parts or a complete chair, this software leads to lower product development costs as well as a concise design cycle. CAD Software enables us to view and to develop the chair designs or chair parts on screen; print it them out and save them for future editing.

From a napkin sketch to a 3D image

We can take a rough sketch of your chair or chair part and make it into a 3D image that will allow you to clearly visualize your finished chair on a JPEG image. From there, you can approve the chair for manufacturing or have us tweak your design until you are totally satisfied; you can be positive that the chair parts we will manufacture can match the design that you have in your head. Before touching a single piece of wood, we will be sure that the design is exactly what you want.

Reduce inventory costs

With our great lead time and outstanding quality, we can assist you in reducing inventory levels and improve your bottom line by giving you guaranteed costs on your products.

You will no longer have to consider waste percentages because we back our furniture chair parts by our 100% quality guarantee. We will only ship perfect chair parts.

See our fulfilment services and distribution section to see what other services we can offer you to help you reach you goals.

Contact us or call so we can discuss how we can help your bottom line.

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