Built by Newport helps you create something that is beautiful

World Class 3D Design

Built by Newport's design team utilizes 3D graphics to transform your ideas into reality

World Class 3D design

BBN utilizes Inventor to transform your ideas into working models, ensuring fit and alignment. Our systems are integrated to allow these 3D drawings to be translated into machine code, and to run the parts virtually with NC Simul – eliminating valuable machine time, and finding obstacles before a physical part is ever made.

Complex Furniture

We specialize in making the parts others find difficult with expertise that's second to none

Engineer and Design complex wood products

After 52 years of servicing the wood industry, Built by Newport is known for tackling complex parts. From very thick seats with tight tolerances, to bent wood merged into a chair with no 90 degree faces, we pride ourselves on meeting the challenge of a complex part.

Vermont Values and Craftsmanship

Located in the heart of the Green Mountains, Built by Newport delivers high quality and craftsmanship

Family tradition of high quality - on time

The beauty and splendor of Vermont, the commitment to family, the craftsmanship of 50 years means you’ll be getting a great product at a fair price.