USA's Best Wood Furniture Parts Fulfillment Service

Wooden furniture parts backed up with the best fulfillment service!

For companies looking for a USA wooden furniture manufacturer or contract wooden furniture supplier and also prefers to focus their energy on sales and marketing; rather than on the multiple, mundane and time consuming tasks necessary to operate a business; we have several fulfillment services available! We can do as much or as little as you need, suited to your business needs. Some major benefits and services we offer as a USA wooden furniture manufacturer include:

Focus on your business

Whether you are a new entrepreneur with a unique concept, or an experienced furniture supplier whois missing resources to focus on all aspects of the business, we are available to assist you. We will help you in the design phase, the creation of the product; we can even bill, collect and ship to your customers. We have the space, the expertise and all the latest cutting-edge technology in order to make your business prosper and allow you to focus on other aspects of running your business like sales and marketing.

As much or as little to help you

We will do as much or as little of the managing aspect of the business that you want or require. From order entries, billing, receivables, credit card transactions and shipping, we have all the necessary equipment, expertise, resources and software in order to handle your company's needs.
If you prefer, you can access our systems online and manage these tasks yourself. From your own office, you can handle as much or as little of the business that you wish, or, we will do it for you, you decide!


We can save you substantially in shipping and inventory costs by housing your inventory in our facility. Once a proper program is in place, we will produce and inventory your products. Then, as needed, we will ship the products to your customers.

Order Entry

We have created software that will provide you with an order entry process that is convenient for you. We can provide a system that allows you to enter, from your own office, your orders. Or, if you do not have the time, money, equipment, or resources, your customers can fax or e-mail orders to us directly and we will complete the order process for you.

Billing / Accounts Receivable

When you have mandated us to house your order entry process internally, we can further simplify your daily tasks by invoicing your customers and dealing with the collection process. Our billing and accounts receivable systems allow for open terms, as well as credit card processing.


At Newport Furniture, we work with all of the top rated shipping companies worldwide, including UPS, Federal Express, Yellow Freight, to name only a few.
Thanks to our complete software integration, we can provide you with live tracking on your furniture parts order on all carriers so that you can know the exact location and status of your order.

Contract furniture suppliers

At Newport Furniture Parts we are proud to be labelled as one of the few USA furniture manufacturers. Newport Furniture Parts has become known as one of the best contract furniture suppliers in the USA. Supplying both indoor and outdoor furniture, as a contract furniture supplier, these are only some of the services we have to offer. Get in touch with us to let us tell you how we can contribute to simplifying your daily tasks, therefore allowing you to focus on the sales and marketing aspect of your business.

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