September 27, 2012

Lean clean manufacturing machine

In a recent article by Jim Lewis that appeared in CabinetMakerFDM, Newport Furniture Parts (NFP) was featured as a company applying lean manufacturing principles in their daily business and recording significant improvements.

To be able to compete with the oftentimes cheaper Asian wood furniture manufacturers, a North American supplier’s flow of production—from raw material receivables to finished product delivery has to be efficient and without any superfluous steps.

One key component of running a clean operation is good and continuous communication within the company.

The article explores how NFP took a number of steps to close gaps in their internal communication process. With multiple departments, it’s easy for things to get lost in the various cogs of the company.

For companies to become truly competitive and successful, the whole team needs to be working on the same page with the same company goals in mind.

Simply by choosing a lean USA furniture manufacturer like Newport Furniture Parts, your company will be taking steps towards a lean business model, saving energy, time and costs that may have been wasted elsewhere. Furthermore, with NFP’s fulfillment services that can help you with billing, inventory, shipping and more, you can focus further on your business and eliminating unnecessary or redundant tasks that do not bring value to your customers.

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