Wood Component Manufacturers

Since 1963, we have been designing and producing wood components for companies in the furniture industry. Today, we continue to make both indoor and outdoor wood furniture components for companies or entrepreneurs who have a design in mind. We can also offer services for those who need some additional support and guidance. Our capabilities are limitless thanks to our continuous investment in technology, our truly skilled work force and our craftsmanship steeped in history. We are one of the few USA furniture manufacturers.

Furniture Design Software

Using the latest in technology, we can help you go from the idea you have for that perfect chair to being able to sit in your completed chair. Using Computer-aided design (CAD) software, we can turn your idea into a reality. By turning your rough sketch into a 3D image and then sending you a JPEG image for your approval. You can be confident that the chair we will produce matches the design that you have in your head. We will make sure that your design is exactly how you want it before even touching a piece of wood.

Using CAD Software leads to lower product development costs and a greatly shortened design cycle. CAD Software enables us to view and develop designs on screen, print it them out and save them for future editing.

Just-in-time production

Using our expertise and cutting edge techniques, we can help you reduce costs associated to managing inventory and take the guesswork out of inventory requirements. Avoid getting caught carrying too much inventory, or worse yet, running out of certain parts required to complete an order! At Newport Furniture we can offer you the parts you need, when you need them.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our work is guaranteed. If any component does not meet your exact requirements or quality expectations we will replace it. At Newport Furniture Parts we will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the highest quality wood components. Using the wood species of your choice, we will manufacture the wood components you require in order to meet your production requirements.

Environmentally responsible

Newport Furniture Parts is proud to be FSC Certified.

FSC Certification ensures that the lumber, as well as the procedures used to obtain and prepare this lumber meet the highest established standards for environmentally, socially and economically viable forestry management. An increase in public concern over the impact of foresting to the global environment, as well as social issues, has necessitated changes regarding the responsibilities of various players from the forest product companies, to the corporations, to the government.

When purchasing your components from Newport Furniture Manufacturers you can rest assured that throughout the entire process, from the logging through to the kiln drying to our manufacturing procedures, only FSC certified lumber has been used.

  • Stored in controlled environments
  • We receive our lumber in a rough state and it has been kiln dried. In order to avoid any warping and contracting our lumber is stored in a humidity controlled storage area
  • As needed, the lumber is then planned and cut using cutting-edge techniques. Ensuring that your furniture chair parts meet your quality expectations.

For the entire duration the lumber and wood products are at Newport Furniture Parts, it stays in our humidity controlled factory which guarantees you the highest quality components for all your furniture manufacturing.

If you are a company in need of wood furniture components or an entrepreneur with an interesting concept that needs developing, consider Newport Furniture Parts as your partner for the future.
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