Wood furniture parts - Materials Offered

At Newport Furniture Parts, our pieces stand on the quality of each component. Our furniture components are manufactured from the finest quality woods, including maple, red oak, cherry, pine, ash and walnut. You can depend on us to consistently produce only the finest parts, whether the order is big or small, on press-board or cherry. We will produce results that save you time and money.

Behind every component at Newport Furniture Parts is a group of dedicated people. Our staff is our family, growing as the company and industry grows, always adapting to new technology. We are your source for quality, durability and pride in craftsmanship.

Furniture Wood Species

According to your needs, your style and your decor, you can select the type of wood that will make every project perfect. At Newport Furniture Parts you can chose from a variety of wood species:

Hard maple

Hard Maple is a favourite for floors and furniture. With over 100 individual species of Maple trees throughout the world, the Sugar maple, the most common hard maple, is the most commercially important and the most ample type of maple in the United States.

Soft maple

Soft Maple is very similar to hard maple but it is much less dense. Newport Furniture Parts uses the North American soft maple, either red maple or silver maple.

Red oak

The Red Oak is native to North America. It grows in the northeastern United States and southeast of Canada. Red oak is used for flooring, furniture, fence posts and plywood. The wood is hard, heavy, strong and a pink to reddish-brown colour.


Cherry trees grow predominately in eastern-central North America. Cherry is one of the most desirable woods in furniture manufacturing. Cherry wood is a hardwood that is brown with a touch of pink or dark red. Over time, cherry wood darkens.


Pine trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere. There are roughly 115 species of pine. Pines are among the most commercially important of tree species and are valued for their timber. Pine is widely used to manufacture furniture, window frames, panelling and floors.


White, Black and Red Ash trees grow in North America. Particularly popular for timber is the White Ash. The wood is strong, yet elastic, therefore ideal for materials that require strength and resilience, such as furniture.


Walnut trees grow on four continents, namely: North and South America, Europe and Asia. Newport Panels uses the North American variety.

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