Laser Engraving Wood

Recently, we have added laser engraving to our catalogue of services. You can now make your original product or custom chair even more unique by adding a personal touch; whether you want to offer your customers the opportunity to put their restaurant’s logo on their chairs, or the name of the vacation destination on some wood cutting boards, we can fulfill this need.

Computer controlled laser engraving

Using a laser that is controlled by a computer, wood components and furniture can be accurately engraved; the engraving is done with a high-quality laser engraver. The laser embeds text and images within the wood surface with unbelievable detail and accuracy.

Whether it is a company logo, a college emblem or the name of a vacation destination, the details are outstanding. Simply send us the logo, text or picture that you wish to have engraved and we will accurately reproduce it by laser engraving in precision detail.

Custom made and personal

Now you can not only offer your customers their own custom built furniture to their exact specifications, you can give them the opportunity to make their product even more personal.

If you are producing a custom order for colleges or corporate gifts; looking to offer an additional service, we can help. For the restaurateur that is wanting to have their logo etched on the back of their wood chairs, or a cutting board retailer that wants to offer their customers the opportunity to engrave their company logo on their corporate gifts, we can help.

By providing us with the logo, picture or text information, we can laser engrave on any piece of wood or furniture. Whether you have 10 pieces or 10,000, you can rest assured that your job will be done correctly and accurately.

The final touch

Furniture parts, assembly, furniture finishing and laser engraving; better than plaques which may fall off, laser engraving is permanent, aesthetically pleasing and will age with your furniture. Tailor your customers’ wood components or furniture with a custom message, logo, text or even a picture.

Let us help you offer your customers a special product by laser engraving wood, making it stand out! and be unique!.


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