CNC wood milling

Since 1963, Newport Furniture Parts has been designing and manufacturing wood components for companies in the furniture industry. Whether you are in need of chair rails, arm rest spindles, back spindles or rungs, we can help you complete your inventory. We make both indoor and outdoor wood furniture components using the latest technologies and can help you fulfill your furniture parts needs. We also offer services for those who need some additional support and guidance; if you are a company or an entrepreneur with a specific design in mind, we can help your vision become a reality.

Experience, skill and cutting-edge technology

With our continuous investment in technology, our truly skilled workforce, and our craftsmanship steeped in history; our capabilities are endless. Commonly referred to as a CNC milling machine, a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) router is a computer controlled wood cutting machine.

Ahead of our competitors

For the past ten years, Newport Furniture Parts has invested in countless ways to make the CNC wood milling process as efficient as possible. With the latest technology, up-to-date software, and employee education; we have made several outstanding transformations in our manufacturing methods which are light years ahead of our competitors.
By inputting your furniture part specifications into our computer, the CNC wood milling machine is then able to create furniture parts in little time, and to your exact specifications every time.

The CNC router reduces waste as well as the frequency of errors and the amount of time to get your furniture parts ready for you.

Efficiency in production

These changes, improve our efficiency and allow us to better serve you by ensuring that you receive the exact furniture parts that you want on time, every time.

Some of the most significant changes in our production are due to our CNC wood milling machines:

  • The CNC wood milling machines can be set up in 30 seconds or less, therefore making us more efficient
  • The machines cut consistent furniture parts every time; removing the task of measuring
  • The machines perform perfect cuts so sanding becomes limited, therefore reducing the time spent on finishing each part;
  • By reducing waste and production and finishing time our machines allow us to be at least 90% efficient; this is backed by our records
  • At Newport Furniture Parts, we have a 0% reject policy; all your pieces will be to your satisfaction.

This high tech CNC machine allows us to have more flexibility in the manufacturing process; by simply entering the specifications into the computer, the milling machine can produce many different items in a short period of time.

At Newport Furniture Parts, we continue to improve and invest in technology; all these improvements assist our customers in cutting costs and improving products. We are one the few furniture manufacturers in the USA; let us show you how we can improve your bottom line. Contact us now, we will be happy to work with you!


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