Furniture Parts Supplier

Since 1963, we have been manufacturing and designing wood components for companies in the furniture industry. Today, we continue to make both indoor and outdoor wood furniture components for companies or entrepreneurs; as well we offer many services that will help make your business more successful by using our knowledge and expertise by helping you fulfill tasks or by doing them for you.

At the heart of our operation, our capabilities help yours. The better we do our job and the closer we work with you to develop the exact parts that you need, the more time and effort you can invest into other areas of your business. We can help you grow by offering partial assembly to full production capabilities.

One-stop design and production facility

As a furniture parts supplier at the leading edge of today’s technology, Newport Furniture Parts is a one-stop design and production facility. Eliminate multiple vendors and production cost loss by keeping every aspect under one roof. At Newport Furniture Parts we value our customers; our success is dependent upon yours.

Here are some of the products and services that we can offer you:

Kiln dried lumber

All our lumber and components are stored in a humidity controlled environment

Cutting–edge technology

Furniture design software allows you to turn your furniture idea into a 3D image

CNC Wood milling

CNC fabric cutting

Inventory management

just in-time production

Environmentally responsible

FSC Certified

Fulfillment services and distribution

We can do as much or as little as you want; help you track inventory, perform order entry, do your billing & accounts receivable and your shipping.

Furniture chair parts

Furniture assembly

Furniture finishing

Contact a furniture parts supplier with limitless capabilities, skilled work force and a history of quality craftsmanship and timely delivery.


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